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Deposition/Hearing Court Reporting
No matter what your needs are, we can provide you with the superior service you need. Offering both traditional and Realtime reporters, our certified court reporters are skilled in a wide range of types of litigation to meet your needs.

Rush Delivery Any Time
We understand time is of the essence. We offer many delivery options including same-day delivery.

Complementary Keyword Indexing
Keyword indexing provides an alphabetical listing of every word within the transcript as well as provide page and line numbers for quick referencing allowing you to find exactly what you’re looking for. Keyword indexing is a great benefit that comes standard with every transcript delivery.

Complementary E-Transcript, ASCII and MinuScript
We provide Complementary electronic transcripts in full size PDF with keyword index, condensed PDF with keyword index, .txt as well as E-Transcript formats to meet your needs. An E-Transcript is an electronic transcript with the option of being read-only, virus/password protected and digitally certified. The E-Transcript includes a keyword index on the right of the transcript, and by clicking on the words in the index, it will take you to that word in the index. The E-Transcript also offers the ability to search as well as different formatting and printing options.

Rough Drafts
A rough draft also referred to as a “dirty ASCII” has many benefits. This is an unedited copy of the transcript proceeding that is not completed or a legally-binding copy of the regard. A rough draft may include grammatical errors, but the benefit of ordering a rough draft is that it allows you to get ahead and with strategizing with your litigation while the court reporter proofreads and edits the transcript before certifying it as the official record of the proceedings.

Realtime offers many advantages. Realtime reporters are highly skilled stenographers and voice writers that can provide an instantaneous live feed of the testimony that can be read, streamed and broadcast to all parties and counsel, while on the record. This gives you the ability to search and bookmark the transcript live during the testimony and an instant rough can be provided at the end of the testimony.

Complimentary Conference Rooms
American Court Reporting provides state-of-the-art Complimentary conference rooms for all clients when you utilize our service. Our conference room includes high-speed WIFI, video teleconference service, smart television that can be connected to any laptop, executive furnishings, coffee, teas, water, and soft drinks to make your depositions or meetings a success.

Transcripts Archived
For your convenience, American Court Reporting archives all transcripts from the 1980s to the present. If you can’t seem to locate a transcript of a deposition, hearing, meeting or whatever it is you’re looking for, we can access the transcript, and send you the transcript in the format you desire.

Video Services
Non-verbal signals like body language and facial expressions can play a big role in your deposition, and being able to capture that adds value. We have a team of highly technical skilled and certified legal videographers to help enhance your deposition. We offer high quality in multiple formats, such as standard video (MPEG) as well as video synchronization (video sync). This video can be used in trial and also can be used in lieu of someone testifying in person.

Video Synchronization
A synchronized video deposition allows you stream the video and a scrolling transcript side by side simultaneously. A synchronized video allows you to:
●Your clients will love the convenience and the simplicity!
●Easy to use word index instantly hyperlinks you to crucial portions of the testimony
●Just highlight the transcript to make video clips
●Export clips to PowerPoint with synchronized text
●Export to other major programs like TrialDirector, Summation and Sanction
●Search & jump to any keyword.
●Copy & paste key testimony excerpts for use in summaries, motions & briefs.
●View exhibits related to the deposition.
●View video transcript testimony synchronized to the deposition text.
●Create single and multi-segment clips.
●Export clips to MPEG1 format.
●Email videos of clips.

Videoconferencing Services & Remote Takedown is Available
We understand you have many responsibilities in order to provide superior service to your clients. Traveling to a deposition can be a hassle, time-consuming and costly. We offer three solutions that will save you time and the cost associated with traveling.

Mobile Video Conferencing (MVC)
Connects two or more parties through high-definition video and audio, with the ability to share documents such as exhibits and research notes easily. Mobile Video Conferencing can be conducted from anywhere and compatible with most devices such as your PC, laptop, MAC, or mobile device with internet connections.

Video teleconferencing (VTC)
Connects two or more parties through high-definition video and audio over internet protocol (IP). This service requires compatible (VTC) equipment and or software.

Telephonic Depositions

Conducting a telephonic deposition can save time and money, when parties aren’t able to travel, and is a solution for those last-minute needs for a court reporter. If all counsel agrees our skilled court reporters are able to takedown the testimony remotely.


We offer a full range of language interpretation services that help facilitates the verbal communication between speakers of over 200 different languages. Our interpreters are native in their language, and have many years of experience.

Translator Services
Our translation service offers the conversion of written text from one language to the desired target-language. Our translators are native in their language and are accredited.

Audio Transcription & Non-Legal Verbatim Reporting Services
Whether it’s a hearing, 911 call, meeting, voicemail, video, online video, medical transcription, written or any other source, we can assist you with transcribing it and provide you with a certified transcript that preserves the integrity of its source for both legal and non-legal purposes.

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